Billionaires, the time is now: Your $500k donation will change the course of history!

November 2024 isn't just another election; it's a pivotal moment in history teetering on a knife's edge. The stakes have never been higher, and the path to victory has never been more treacherous. That's why for the first time in history, your $500,000 gift will be matched!!!

Do you have $5 to spare? By any chance, do you have $5,000? By any chance, do you have $500,000?

By Mike Reid | July 2024

Dear millionaires and billionaires: Could you spare $500,000?

Because — for the first time in history — your $500,000 will be matched (by the very next person who donates $500,000)!!

Yes, you read that right.

Your impact will be doubled!

Your $500,000 donation will make a $1,000,000 impact.

But you will save $500,000!

Obviously, you've achieved financial success to the point where you have the means to donate $500,000, so I don't need to tell you about the value of saving $500,000.

In 2016, Democrats stood stunned as the reality set in; donations flooded only AFTER Trump's unexpected victory. It felt like waking up from a nightmare, only to realize it was reality. We can't afford to relive that pain again. Will you act with the urgency this moment demands, channeling the passion of those who refuse to be caught off-guard again? The sands of time are slipping fast, and the echo of 2016 is growing louder. Will you step up? Will you donate $500,000 right now?

But wait, that's not all. I swear to god, it gets even better.

Because not only will your donation be doubled — but the person doubling your donation will also have their donation doubled!

So, in a sense, your gift will actually be QUADRUPLE matched!!!

With your donation of $500,000, you will be the catalyst for an unprecedented wave of giving, your contribution triggering a magnificent QUADRUPLE match. Will you seize this moment and step forward, embodying the spirit of pioneers who transformed this nation with their courage? Or will you step back, a bystander in this monumental chapter of America? This is more than the act of giving; it's about bravery, vision, and the determination to rewrite the narrative. Will you rise to the occasion? The urgency of this moment is palpable. Right now is the moment to act. Donate $500,000. Forge a new path in this crucial juncture of democracy.

Look, I get it. For most people, donating $500,000 is out of reach.

Maybe you can only contribute $50,000?

Or, perhaps $5,000 is more feasible?

And if $1,000 is what you can spare to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president again, that's awesome. Donate $1,000.

Behind closed doors and in dark alleys, Republicans are plotting their AI-powered October Surprise: a flood of negative ads showing a fumbling Joe Biden. What’s the countermeasure? We must create endless fun jobs for Democrats in swing states! Imagine one party constantly enjoying their work while the Republicans scramble. We urgently need your support of $500,000, $50,000, $5,000, or even $1,000 to make this happen. Please donate now to fuel a wave of fun.

However, if even a donation in the amount of $1,000 seems too much, then let's pause and think. If $1,000 is a strain, then you are precisely the person Democrats are fighting for. You are the one who needs an American government that can help provide better job opportunities, a stronger safety net, a fairer economy.

But you can afford to donate $1,000?

You're nodding.

And if you can afford $1,000, what about $2,500?

Or even $10,000?

Perhaps $50,000 is even within reach financial reach?

Maybe even $500,000?

Because right now — for the first time ever — your $500,000 donation will be QUADRUPLE matched, as previously mentioned.

The question isn't whether you should step up, whether you should contribute $500,000 towards the reinvention of politics, towards resolving the #1 most pressing problem facing America.

The question is, rather, when.

When will you decide to step into the arena?

Will you dare to lead, to be one of the first to act, to set off a chain reaction that will reshape the future? Will you use your resources to catalyze change, to champion innovation, to usher in a new era of politics that will, in turn, create a cascade of opportunities?

Donate $1,000Donate $2,500Donate $5,000Donate $10,000Donate $25,000Donate $100,000Donate $500,000Donate Anything

As the future unfolds and the annals of history are penned, where will your name be found?

When historians scrutinize the archives, will they see your name at the vanguard of change or will they see you lagging behind?

Will your name be listed among the pioneers, the visionaries who grasped the urgency of the moment and took the leap?

Or will they find your name nestled amongst the latecomers, those who joined the cause but only after the tide had turned?

Will your legacy be one of leadership or one of hesitation?

And so, your finger hovers over the mouse, an electric tension fills the room. It's more than a mere transaction; it's a statement, a promise, a pledge.

With your heart pounding like a drum, you commit yourself financially to the cause you believe in: $500,000 (or whatever you can afford if you can't afford $500,000).

You swallow at the number, it's substantial, yet you know its magnitude reflects the gravity of the political moment.

With each click, you are no longer a silent bystander in the world of politics, you are a key player, part of a passionate team working towards change.

The enormity of the decision sends a rush of adrenaline up your spine, making you realize the true stakes of your actions.

The impact of your $500,000 donation echoes far beyond the financial realm; it sets off a match campaign that will go down in history, dwarfing every previous effort of its kind.

Just like that, your contribution is matched by another donor inspired by your actions. Your influence is amplified twofold, allowing you to make a $1,000,000 impact for a half the cost.

Yet, the doubling of your donation is not the conclusion, but merely the first step of a series.

Your matched $500,000 now presents a new opportunity: a chance for the new total of $1,000,000 to be matched.

And then it happens: Your pioneering leadership incites other billionaires to follow suit, each committing $500,000. Your solitary act of faith transforms into a collective roar for change.

The Democrats mobilize, employing thousands and then hundreds of thousands of Americans, revitalizing the economy.

As you watch this unfold, you can't help but feel a surge of relief.

It was you who sparked a transformation, a revival of hope in an economy shaken by technological disruption.

You had no idea what the answer to AI-induced obsolescence was, but now you see the potential solution unfolding.

What's undeniable? Your generous $500,000 gift holds the potential to amplify and elevate our democratic spirit. There's a constant buzz about AI, covert political campaigns, and digital deceptions. We're here to oppose that, endorsing truth, equity, and sincere representation. Yet, as time ticks away, the dangers escalate. We don't just aim to match the pace; we aspire to pioneer the movement. Your expertise combined with your generous support can thrust us into a leadership position. Your contribution is the crucial turn we're seeking. Transform America.

Your perspective is of great value, and we cannot stress enough how deeply grateful we are for your involvement. Right now, your candid feedback is critically needed. Your active role is essential; without it, the prospects of a Democratic victory in 2024 are at risk. It's imperative that we come together to avert the risk of a Donald Trump presidency spanning from January 2025 to January 2029. Many thanks go out to you for your insights.

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Will it be you who triggers this great American economic revival, this rush of American opportunities?

Do you feel that fire within?

Can you visualize yourself at the forefront of this incredible transformation, leading the charge, inspiring others to join in?

The country is waiting, and maybe — just maybe — it's waiting for someone exactly like you. So, why not donate $500,000 now?

The future we're striving for — it all hinges on the collective power of every single supporter, like you. I understand times are tough, and not everyone can give big, but every penny truly counts. If you can spare just $1, please, let it be your testament to the cause. That $1 will join forces with others, becoming an unstoppable wave of hope. And to those who have been fortunate, if you can part with $500,000 or any amount in between, please consider doing so. Our strength isn't just in our numbers but in the fervor of our commitment. This is a plea from the depths of our hopes and dreams: give whatever you can. Because together, every cent and every dollar magnifies our voice and our vision. We cherish and value each contribution, no matter its size. Stand with us. Please, donate today.

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