What if we could make the 2024 election unfathomably more exciting than planned?

Our old methods are fading. But there's a silver lining. A new era beckons. Technology is evolving, and so must our politics. So why not make right now the moment you embrace change and pioneer a new approach? The future of American politics: It's yours to shape.

The 2024 election is your golden opportunity to flip the script, transforming what appears to be a political disaster into the most exciting year of your life. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure that will change America forever.

By Mike Reid | April 2024

To be honest, I'm rooting extremely hard for the Democrats.

But it's going pretty badly, don't you think?

First of all, the polling is terrible.

Second of all, even Democrats aren't excited about Joe Biden anymore, but the people in charge can't seem to figure out why.

Everyone is just running in circles arguing about whether or not we should be concerned about all of this. Of course we should.

But the more important question is: What do we do about it?

Ok. To imagine the very best 2024 strategy - if your goal is to prevent Donald Trump from returning to the White House, but you're nervous about Joe Biden's ability to win - try this exercise:

Imagine Joe Biden is running the New York City Marathon.

And imagine that if Joe doesn't finish the marathon, Trump will become president again from January 2025 - January 2029.

You're watching the race from Williamsburg, at mile marker 11, and the Joe Biden campaign happens to be in the same location.

Team Biden even brought a boombox and they've been blasting Everything Is Awesome from the Lego Movie on repeat for the last two hours. But wasn't Joe Biden supposed to be here by now?

Finally, you see Joe Biden round the corner, but he's not running, he's walking. And it looks like he's even limping a little bit.

So you look over at the Joe Biden campaign team to see if anyone has a plan to help Joe finish the race, but all they're doing is turning up the volume on Everything Is Awesome even louder.

Either we get Democrats fired up to reelect Joe Biden or we'll need to make a change at the DNC in August.

So David Axelrod tries to get the Biden campaign's attention, but they're playing Everything Is Awesome so god damn loudly that not even David Axelrod can get their attention.

So what do you do?

Well the good news is that in today's political marathon - in the race to elect a president - anyone in America can step in and help carry a limping political party to the finish line.

So if you're frustrated with the Democrats right now, if you're among the vast majority of Americans who think our approach is not working and we should change course immediately, then why not team up with others who share that view and change course now? After all, we do still have several months until the election.

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What's more, this critical task of the 2024 elections – venturing into seven swing states that are tilting alarmingly towards red and reversing this trend to blue – is something millionaires and billionaires are prepared to finance. The #1 challenge of the 2024 election is figuring out how to effectively carry out this mission.

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Let's face it: millionaires and billionaires are preparing to spend billions of dollars influencing the 2024 political elections.

And the vast majority of these funds will go towards negative attack ads, bombarding TV screens, mailboxes, and the internet.

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However, the Republicans are planning similar tactics, preparing AI-infused attacks on Joe Biden's age and fitness for office.
And an angry, internet-based negative campaign is exactly the kind of environment where Trump excels and Joe Biden falters.

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In light of this, I recommend Democrats simultaneously invest in a robust effort to deploy energetic individuals to seven key states.

The mission: to create an extraordinary amount of fun on behalf of the Democrats. We're talking about a level of enjoyment so infectious that even Republicans can't help but join in the smiles.


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This will showcase a completely fresh facet of the Democratic Party, one that aims to win votes by being likable and engaging.

2024 is your moment. It's not just about an election; it's about shaping our destiny. The time for action is now – not with regret in 2025. Let's embrace this year with passion and determination.

Waiting until 2025 to see if America descends into further chaos is not just risky – it's likely catastrophic.

2024 is the moment to intervene, and to shape the future.

Welcome to 2024 – a year not just of challenges, but of immense potential and the urgent need for your proactive involvement.

Seize this moment and propel yourself into the heart of American politics as a trailblazer shaping the 2024 elections. This journey isn't for bystanders; it's a clarion call for action-takers like you, ready to tackle challenges head-on. With resilience coursing through your veins, we don't just invite you – we urge you to dive into this epic quest today. Your political leadership isn't a mere option; it's a critical, immediate necessity.

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AI is is poised to revolutionize the 2024 elections in profound ways, heralding a new era in campaigning and electoral strategy.

This transformation marks a significant shift from conventional approaches, rendering many traditional methods increasingly outdated. AI will influence everything from voter engagement and data analysis to policy formulation and campaign tactics.

Ready to get on Sam Altman's magic carpet?

Welcome to 2024 – a year not just of challenges, but of immense potential and the urgent need for your political involvement.

Make 2024 the year you stand up and drive the change that you desperately want to see. The future is in your hands – seize it.

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